Your 2013 Bucket List

As Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas songs begin to play on the radio, I begin to reflect on my accomplishments this year. Even though I am proud of what I have achieved and grateful for my experiences, there are a few things that I absolutely wish to scratch off my list of to do’s before the ball drops and we welcome 2014.

Bucket List

Traditionally the “bucket list” is a term used where individuals create a check list of wonderful things to experience before they kick the bucket on God’s green earth! I chose to use the same term but in a different way. Each year begins with refreshed minds and eager spirits excited to embark on a new goal, but what if you could have a jump start on those goals! Here are three easy ways to get you started!


1. End Game vs. Low Hanging Fruit

There are two ways to go about getting started! First, you can go after what I call ” low hanging fruit”, which are small tasks that have been luring around for you to complete for sometime. These tasks were either placed on the back burner due to competing priorities or didn’t make the cut because you just didn’t have the time. The second approach is to get your Olivia Pope hat on ( only those who watch Scandal will get the reference) and ask yourself what is your end game. With this approach, you are going to really think about what you want to accomplish overall and then start mapping out what it will take for you to get there. Once you have compiled the list of tasks , you will begin circling the smaller items that you know you can accomplish in the amount of time we have for the remainder of this year.


2.Time is of the Essence

You made your list, now get your butt into motion and start blazing the trail right into 2014. If you are starting off step one with the low hanging fruit approach these items have remained unchecked tasks on your list for far too long. Stop creating a barrier for yourself and spend a few moments imagining how relieved and accomplished you will feel once you have completed the list. With only 4 weeks til the ball drops, who has time to delay? Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.


3.Happy New Year

Anyone who knows me or who has heard me speak publicly knows, that I am someone who believes in celebrating small wins. Living in a world where instant gratification is king, we yearn to know that our efforts are not in vain. The best way to avoid the feeling of “I’m never going to accomplish my dreams” , is to take baby steps and celebrate each step of the way! As you move through your 2013 bucket list, keep in mind that on December 31st when the clock strikes 12 you will raise your glass and revel in the fact that you have just jump started your life into greatness in preparation for the year 2014…. Watch out… Awesome things are headed your way! Get Ready!