Making The Case for Employee Devevlopment

Making The Case For Employee Development

Employee development is an important piece to building a workforce that is knowledgable, motivated to grow, productive, and effective. When employees know that their employers take a vested interest in their development and success, employees are committed to adding value to their organization.

If I were to make the case for my own personal growth and development, it would be in the following areas:

Formal Education:

Most organizations invests in a tuition reimbursement or assistance plan, but asess your workforce and identify the skills and competencies that make your employees great at what they do! Bringing those programs on site or creating home-grown programs will give your employees the opportunity to develop in their current positions.

Enlargen Current Job:

” Job enlargement refers to adding challenges or new responsibilities  to  an employee’s current job.” ( Noe p. 366).

Adding challenges allow employees to break out of the mundane of the same responsibilities and spark interest in what they do on a daily basis.  If you’re thinking that you are not quite sure how to liven up their routine, I have the easiest remedy. Just ask them. You will be surprised at the creative suggestions you hear.

Job Rotation:

Being able to sit in different positions throughout the organization broadens an employee’s perception of the organization.  In my case, I would love to rotate with other members of the learning and development throughout the organization. I believe it would allow us to view great opportunities to bridge gaps and implement programs that could better benefit the entire organization not just the silos we currently support.


Coaching is essential to the development process. Learning through feedback is an important component of experiential feedback. I would love an opportunity to receive coaching but I also think it is imperative for those who take on coaching roles have the right training/ certification to ensure they are coaching effectively.

Seeing which programs I would personally like to participate in, I’m sure you are also starting to think of employee development programs you, yourself would like as well as programs your organization should implement for its employees.

Once you do some research as to which programs would work best for your organization you may be ready to present a case to your stakeholders. In the link below, I provided a mock presentation you can use as a template to help you make the case for your organization’s employee development.

Making The Case for Employee Development


Noe, R. A. (2010). Employee training and development (5th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill.


One thought on “Making The Case for Employee Devevlopment

  1. Nicole,
    Personal Development Plan
    What specific types of formal education would help you develop in your current position? You suggested job enlargement as a way to liven up your routine. What types of job enlargement would you find valuable? You made a very good point regarding job rotation giving an employee a better picture of the overall company.
    Does your company have a coaching or mentoring program that you could take advantage of for your professional growth?

    Employee Development Program
    I liked the format of your PowerPoint program, well done. You made a very good point regarding the value of providing employees with volunteer opportunities. I would agree it’s a great opportunity to develop skills not accessable in their current position. What do you see as some of the benefits of experiential learning for your organization? How important is the development of a positive climate in your workplace?

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