Communication and the Project Team

This week our class was given the task of going through a simulation where we received a message from a project team member via email, voice mail and face-to-face.

The message included a request from a team member for information from “me”. In the simulation, it seems that I am holding her up from being able to meet her deadlines being that her work is dependent upon the completion tasks on my end.

In the email , I could see how the message has the potential of being misconstrued and may even cause barriers within the team. With written communication two factors are missing that greatly impact effective communication, tone and body language ( non verbal communication). Without tone I was not able to identify whether the team member was upset or just merely relaying a FYI.

The second mode of communication was a voicemail message. This mode of communication was better than the email.The voicemail was the same message verbatim but I was able to depict from the sound of the team members voice that she was not upset. She was forthright by sharing that she needed me to complete my tasks to help her meet her deaedlines. Her message was sincere and I could understand the urgency in the need for me to complete my tasks. Being able to hear a person’s tone is important it helps the receiver of the message know how the person feels when they are relaying a message.

In the last message the simulation showed a video of the person relaying the message. This by far was the best form of communication. I was able to see the body language and facial expressions of the team member.

In regards to working with a project team, you may find there are instances when written correspondence and phone calls are useful but as a project manager make use of productive face time with the members of your team! It is the most effective mode of communication and will be of value when rallying your team!

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One thought on “Communication and the Project Team

  1. I am guilty of sending an email where the tone of it was misinterpreted! I appreciated this post because I have been contemplating the use of video for project management and training. While I still believe face-to-face is probably still the best method of communication, my position is 100% remote, thus the use of technology is a must. I’ve often visualized my participants dozing off during my trainings or making funny faces when they don’t understand something. I try very hard to ask them questions throughout the session to keep them engaged.
    My only concern is I would no longer be able to work in my pajamas, and I guess I’ll have to do my hair! 🙂

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