Project Management and Instructional Design

Hello Fellow Instructional Designers,

We are off on another journey!  We are now going to explore the parallel worlds of project management and instructional design. I currently work in an organization where training and development is not under Human Resources but under a department called Business Support Services. Why is this a wonderful thing? Well, this department has 2 PROJECT MANAGERS!!!! I am currently working on a Lean Six Sigma Project as the instructional designer to support the project so this journey in learning how I can better support our PM’s as well as wear the fabulous hat of PM as well will be interesting and valuable.


Let’s learn together! Keep your eyes open for posts regarding this new experience!


4 thoughts on “Project Management and Instructional Design

  1. I’m looking forward to working with you in EDUC-6145, Project Management in Education and Training. Despite a bit of a bumpy start over the challenges of discussion participation, I am as eager as ever to engage with all of my fellow students in this course. I’m already subscribed to your blog from previous courses and I’m looking forward to the contributions you consistently make to my learning experience. I value your expertise and enjoy your energy and positive attitude.

  2. Hi Nicole,
    I am looking forward to working with you in EDUC-6145, Project Management in Education and Training. My apologies for the double post, I thought I was on Dana’s blog when posting my previous comment. This is going to be an interesting course, I’m really looking forward to donning the PM hat in the context of Instructional Design. Your work sounds very interesting and rewarding. I’ve subscribed to your blog and we’re off!

    • At the Shared Services where I currently work, we have a partnership with Rutgers University. We like the program due to the hands on experience you receive with Lockheed Martin. This particular program has more substance than others. When we researched other programs it literally just had the online component and the test in order for you to recieve your certifiaction. With Rutgers you have to actually complete a project onsite in order for you to receive certification. If you are interested I have the contact number and email for you!

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