My New Journey in Social Media Learning!

As of yesterday I decided it would be important for me to start learning more about social media learning. I’m almost embarrassed of how behind the times I have been with the use of technology integrated into organizational learning and development. Sure, I have used Captivate for years as well as other tools in distance education such as Articulate, Presenter, and WebEx but what I haven’t had is the opportunity to explore social media and how it can be used for learning. I decided to learn more and to use some tools mentioned in a recent webinar I attended hosted by Jane Hart. Some of the tools that have caught my attention were Twitter and Yammer. Twitter caught my attention because I thought its only use was to find out the trivial activities of your favorite celebrity. But as of yesterday, I have found that I am gladly mistaken. Twitter has proven to be a knowledge sharing platform where colleagues have the ability to share wonderful trends and topics on any given topic in the area that interests you the most. In one day of casual tweeting, I have shared my blog with my followers ( all of 2!) and read awesome articles on management and instructional design. Primarily, the format of Twitter can be overwhelming. But if you take a moment to digest the environment, it will almost remind you of a hybrid version of an online discussion board for those of you who may attend school online. Instead of the 2 paragraphs of discussion and a quote or reference to support your findings, you just provide a few words for the topic and a link to the resource! How superb in our fast pace society! What I have found in this wonderful platform for learning is that I am looking up resources and websites on topics that I am the most passionate so that I can share with my fellow followers which is forcing me to consume information at a rate that I haven’t done before.

My Valuable Find!

The most valuable find during my Twitter journey was an article by the elearning guru who wanted to share that there is an ID app for iPhones where a list of definitions regarding adult learning, media technology,and all things surrounding instructional design is now available. How awesome is that to have your own ID handbook at your fingertips!

Next, I’m on to learning about Yammer. It seems just like facebook but a place to learn within a community of peers. We shall see!

What Do I Hope to Achieve?
In a previous position I worked for a great man by the name of John Marohl. He taught me early in my career in training and development that the world of ID is consistently changing and that I must always stay abreast of the latest trends. If I hope to positively impact the organization where I currently work with the latest and greatest in learning trends, I need to embrace and understand these trends to see what will work best. It is my hope to learn so that I can teach! Corny maybe, necessary… ABSOLUTELY!


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